Singing Drummer


As a reggae artist on the international scenes of this world.This music as brought I much advancements. And it all started when I was growing up. My father always have band practice in our yard. I would watch and learn from all these great singers and musicians. I then started to Imitate these men,


I would be freestyling to the beats we wouldplayed to the beats of the rhythm that plays on buckets. In early 90s the Coke had took the streets. then my father in his love and Protection for I, told me to stay at home.

I was 13 when Jamaica Papa Curvin brought a Drum kit to my dad has they were good friends. I would hide and play on it. He had caught me once playing on his drum kit,and I was very shocked.


He then teach me how to play many different style of music which made me the greatest drummer in my area. He advice me to learn the keyboards. He said when I learn this instrument


I would understand the parts of other musicians. So I when to Project Band which was led by John Screw. Carlton and Nicky Chin teach me Keyboards. At 17 years of age I started to play drums and sing on Hotel scene in the north coast of Jamaica. By way of Frederick fat string. Who put in contact with the great drummer Spreckle!


In 1995 I came to Holland and that was the start of my Euro Jamaica career as in Artist, I’ve

Toured a lot through out Europe and Africa. Also with Iqulah and Cedela Marley(Bob Marley’s mother)


In 1999 I had a dream that is was time to start singing again. Anthony Locks was born. I had the support of Tapper Willy and others. Has would record everything I was doing,latter on I started performing with sound systems and live bands,


I’ve toured with Jamaica papa Curvin. And with his son PAT on numerous shows. With Samy Deluxe and other top German acts! Also on top festivals such Summer jam and many more.


I’ve received two reggae awards on the first German reggae award of myself produced album, And I had albums and EP‘s there after.


In 2019 I’ve had another dream that I must sing while drumming, By combining two of my strongest energy together forms the singing drummer,


My fans will experience a greater Anthony locks.The bass,Keyboards, Guitars, Drums and Fresh vocals on top. A true expression of I self!